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Bookkeeping Services

Our Bookkeeping Services are focused at reducing the finance and accounting costs of our clients by helping them with their management, accounting and tax preparation needs. Our personalized and professional online bookkeeping services cover the entire scope of bookkeeping and customers have the flexibility to choose what they require. We function just as customers’ virtual back office for all their bookkeeping and accounting work right from set-up, support, maintenance and consultancy with accounting. By outsourcing bookkeeping services to India, you can benefit from the cost advantages of customized finance and accounting services. We have proficiency across all the major accounting softwares used in the industry for bookkeeping services, such as QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree, Sage Accounting, MYOB, Business Vision, Simply Accounting, SAP and Oracle. We have a dedicated team of well-trained accountants and professionals who can quickly adapt to customers' specified software and processes, and at the same time ensure quick turnaround time and quality standards.

Accounting Bookkeeping Services We Offer

  • Accounts receivable services

  • Accounts payable services

  • Bank account reconciliation

  • Invoicing Processing Services

  • Manual Journal Entry Services

  • VAT returns

  • Accounting Setup Services

  • General ledger maintenance

  • Assets / equipment ledger maintenance

  • Expenses ledger maintenance

  • Preparing accounts receivable reports

  • Preparing accounts payable reports

  • Preparing ageing reports & summaries

  • Credit card reconciliation services

  • Preparing financial statements

  • Trial balance services

  • Preparing income statements (Profit & Loss)

  • Balance sheet services

  • Preparing sales reports

  • Preparing purchase reports

  • Cash flow statement

  • Entry of transactions

  • Inventory services

  • Accounting setup services

  • Day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting

  • Books balanced and reconciled quarterly

  • Management accounts produced quarterly

  • Annual accounts and tax returns preparation

  • Submission to Inland Revenue

  • Submitted to Companies House

  • Expert tax advice to minimize tax liability

  • Adjustments to year-end accounts

  • Storage of documents at our offices

Value-added Bookkeeping Services - Specialized Reporting

  • Apart from all the standard bookkeeping services, we also offer custom reports that enable customers to better analyze their revenue and expenses. A list of additional services provided is as follows: We offer customized reports that help you analyze your revenue and expenses.

  • Customer Reports - determine your most profitable and least profitable clients

  • Employee Reports - analyze employee expenditures with year-end reports

  • Break-up of Expenses - break down your expenses by category. Whether it's by product line, office or region, this report gives you an efficient analysis of your expenses

  • Event Analysis - determine your expenditure for individual events

Why US?

  • We maintain the highest standards of business ethics

  • Our robust infrastructural set-up and qualified resources ensure uninterrupted services to our customers

  • We employ only the industry standards-based, best practices and methodologies ensuring the highest quality every time

  • We are proficient in different types of bookkeeping systems like double-entry bookkeeping

  • Our services are reasonably priced

  • Get high-quality services delivered at cost-effective rates

  • Leverage the expertise of trained resources with years of domain experience

  • Leverage state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure without having to make additional investments

  • Avail flexibility to choose the financial software you are currently using in your organization

  • Get quality services delivered within stringent deadlines

  • Get tailor-made solutions according to your business needs

Tax Preparation Services

  • More often than not, the tax filing and income tax returns season is quite nerve-racking for both individual taxpayers as well as businesses. Most businesses fail to realize that having enough time for tax preparation allows them to put their documents in order, and reduce the overall chances of any errors from occurring.

  • Chandra Wadhwa & Co. offers bespoke tax preparation services for both small and large businesses, and we stringently follow the best preparation process that suits your business, allowing you to benefit from better refunds and smaller tax liabilities.

  • At Chandra Wadhwa & Co., we have experience in both individual tax preparation services and business tax preparation services. We specialize in minutely examining your balance sheets and interpreting and classifying each item on it for accurate and faster filing of tax returns. We will also classify and interpret P/L items, and interpret the taxability and treatment of various accounts.

  • Our Tax Preparation Services for Federal and State Tax Returns include -


  • Individual Income Taxes

  • 'C' Corporation Income Taxes

  • S' Corporation Income Taxes

  • Partnership Income Taxes

  • Fiduciary Income Taxes

  • Non-Profit Corporation Taxes

  • Heavy Equipment Use Taxes

  • Non-Resident Tax Return Preparation

  • Small Business Tax Return Preparation


  • Individual Income Taxes (for all states)

  • Corporation Income Tax Returns

  • Partnership Income Tax Returns

  • Intangible Tax Returns

  • Tangible Tax Returns

  • Charter/Franchise Tax Returns

  • Capital gains taxes

  • Gift Tax Return Preparation

Our Tax Preparation Process

  • We have been able to fine tune our tax preparation and processing process to provide the best possible benefits to our clients.

  • Our streamlined training procedure ensures that our employees are updated with the latest technology, software and workflow processes to enhance on-the-job efficiency for tax processing. We subscribe to online financial journals to stay abreast of the latest trends in global sourcing, Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO), and best practices in global business.

  • Read our article which lists the important IRS tax refund guidelines which can be used by the tax preparation community to prepare tax refunds.

    • Sending Scanned Documents
      It starts with sending us scanned documents. We supply you with our standard format to send the relevant data either in the form of PDF files or through some MS Office tools. Once we receive the files, our trained tax professionals enter the information into the tax software.          

    • Entry of Tax Return Data and Auditing
      Once relevant data has been entered into the software, the tax return is audited to verify that all the information received has been correctly entered and accounted for.

    • Review of Return
      Next, the returns are transmitted to you for review. You'll receive complete returns, including any questions or comments the preparer thought to be necessary. You are free to request as many modifications as you might need.

    • Submitting Final Copy of the Tax Returns to the Clients
      Once you review and finalize the tax returns, we update the tax file and send you a final copy for income tax return filing before the due date.

Why US?

  • Significantly reduced tax preparation costs

  • Improved speeds and turnaround time

  • Ability to focus on core tasks

  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction

  • Streamlined methodologies

  • Reduction in the problems and failures

  • One-stop-shop for all tax accounting services

We believe in working as a partner for its customers, and understanding their business model, work approach, and goals before the commencement of the project to perfectly meet their needs. Our emphasis is in taking proactive action at every stage, so that you get superior results within short timelines.

How about reading an article on ways in which accounting firms in USA can benefit by outsourcing to India.

If you are looking for an outsourcing partner that can help you reach for excellence in your finance and accounting operations, your search ends with Chandra Wadhwa & Co!

Contact us to outsource your requirements for accounting services; our team will be glad to help you achieve your financial goals.

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