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Disney's Stellar Cost-Cutting Strategy: Streamlined Content, Enhanced Viewing and Maximum Efficiency

1/ Disney takes decisive steps to implement cost-optimisation strategies in its streaming platforms. 💪💰

2/ Over two dozen titles were removed from Disney+ and Hulu to streamline content and enhance viewer experience. 🚫📺

3/ While these shows bid farewell to Disney's platforms, potential collaborations with third-party services may offer future viewing opportunities. 🔄🌐

Estimated Cost Savings: Impact of ~$1.5 Bn. to ~$1.8 Bn. impairment charges to be written/off (Notional!) 💰💸

Cost Optimisation Impact:

1/ The strategic cost-cutting measures align with Disney's commitment to delivering high-quality and rich content relevant to its audience. (A focused approach) 🎯✨

2/ While removing affected titles may disappoint fans (probably a small portion of subscribers), the overall impact on the majority of subscribers is expected to be minimal. 😊📉

Country: United States of America 🇺🇸

Company: The Walt Disney Company 🏰

Industry: Media Entertainment 🎬

Cost Element: Programming and Production Costs 🎥💡

Nature: Capex 💰📊

Cost Classification: Impairment Charges 💸⚠️



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