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Barça TV Goes Digital, Scoring Big with Cost-Cutting: Embracing Online Streaming for Victory!

1/ FC Barcelona's Barça TV channel is getting the boot! ⚽💥FC Barcelona’s Cost-Cutting plan in full swing; bids goodbye to Barça TV channel!" 🚫📺

2/It turns out that keeping this channel on air costs $8.8 million annually. 💸💸 That's enough money to buy an entire team of superstar players! ⭐🤑

3/ But fear not, fellow fans, Barcelona has a cunning plan - Launching Barça TV+, an online streaming platform that's about to tackle the competition like a fearless striker. 📱💪

4/ So, wave goodbye to Barça TV, and say hello to the future of football streaming. It's a move that even Messi would applaud! 👏👑

Estimated Cost Savings: $8.8 Mn. per annum

Cost Optimisation Impact: Impacted Barca’s Supplier’s (TBSC Telefonica) turnover, the employees and their families ☹️, but a negligible impact on FC Barcelona’s turnover. ⚽🏢

Country: Spain 🇪🇸

Company: Futbol Club Barcelona SL ⚽️🔵🔴

Industry: Sports ⚽️

Cost Element: Broadcasting and Media Expenses 📺💻

Nature: Opex 💼💰

Cost Classification: Variable Cost + Operations Overheads / Marketing Overheads 🔢🏢



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